Local PTA Action on Issues

Our PTA Units and Councils are part of a larger organization, the California State PTA.  State PTA has rules and guidelines that all PTAs are expected to follow.

A PTA Council or Unit can decide (by voting at a general meeting) to support or oppose a local ballot measure, such as a parcel tax or a school bond; but only State PTA can make decisions about PTA positions on statewide bills and ballot measures.

When State PTA supports (or opposes) a statewide ballot measure, your PTA can either support State PTA’s campaign on that measure, or remain neutral on the issue.  Your PTA cannot take a position opposite to State PTA’s position.  If your PTA opposes the state PTA position, your PTA may write to state PTA to express your opposition.  Your PTA has a right to its views, but when representing the PTA, your PTA must not oppose the PTA position.

How to Act on a local issue

When your PTA wants to act on a local issue, the starting point is whether state PTA already has a position on that concern by looking in the online Advocacy Toolkit.  Places to research are the PTA Legislation Platform, PTA Resolutions, PTA Position Statements, and PTA Issue-Related Guidelines.

State PTA Position on the Issue

When a state PTA position exists on the topic of your local concern, your PTA does not need to vote on a position to take on the issue.  Your PTA does need to vote to authorize anyone to act on behalf of your PTA or to spend PTA funds on the issue

No State PTA Position on the Issue

When no state PTA position exists on the topic, you need to study the issue (see state PTA advocacy toolkit on how to make a study).  Then, present the results to your members and vote on the issue