PTA Campaigning “Do’s and Don’ts”

UnknownPTA is political, but never partisan.

Why?  We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  What does that mean?

As a non-partisan organization:

  • Issues.  PTA take positions (supports or opposes) issues affecting children and youth.
  • Legislation, ballot measures, school district policies.  PTA endorses or opposes legislation, ballot measures and school district policies.
  • Candidates.  PTA does not support or oppose candidates.

PTA campaigning “do’s and don’ts” – using your PTA title:


Using your PTA title, you may campaign for PTA supported ballot measures and legislation


Using your PTA title, you may not

  • Campaign for any candidate, including candidates running for non-partisan office
  • Invite one candidate to speak
  • Wear a candidate’s campaign material, or distribute a candidate’s material at a PTA event

As as individual:

As individuals, not using their PTA titles, PTA leaders and members may:

  • Campaign for candidates,
  • But not at a PTA event, and
  • Not using your PTA title