How to Add an Advocacy Position to Your PTA Board

PTA Advocacy team visits Senate Majority Leader in Sacramento

PTA Advocacy team visits Senate Majority Leader in Sacramento

Do you have a PTA Advocate on your PTA executive board?

PTAs in Sixth District are adding advocacy chairs and VPs left and right to their executive boards!  Other PTA districts (for example, Fourth District PTA), already have an advocacy rep on the executive board at every school, as well as multiple advocacy reps at the Council level, addressing local, state and national issues!

Having an advocacy position on your executive board:

  • Ensures your PTA a voice in Sixth District and Council PTA advocacy;
  • Informs your school PTA on important education issues impacting your school, and
  • Will help restore California schools from bottom funded and bottom performing – we are 800,000 members strong, and every voice makes a difference!

Two Ways to Add an Advocacy Position to Your Board

There are two ways for PTAs to add an advocacy position – (1) a standing rule appointment (adds the position immediately) and (2) a by-laws amendment.

  1. Standing Rule Appointment – effective immediately

    • Step 1:  Executive board approves a standing rule creating an Advocacy Chair.
    • Step 2: Subject to ratification of the executive board, the PTA president may appoint a Legislative or  Advocacy Chair [or whatever title you are comfortable with - e.g. VP of Advocacy] who is suggested to be a member of the executive board, and who may have full voting privileges. By using the word “may” instead of “shall,” this becomes an optional rather than a mandatory appointment.
  2. By-Laws Amendment

Later, should your PTA wish to do so, you may amend your by-laws to make the executive board advocacy position an elected vice president position.

Both of these advocacy positions (appointed position or elected VP) are part of the PTA executive board.  

Voting Position

State PTA recommends – but it is your board’s choice – that a person filling a PTA executive board position, and expected to regularly attend every meeting, be given a voting position on the board.

Advocacy Title

Chose the advocacy position title that works for your school PTA.  PTAs across the state call the position VP of Advocacy, Director of Advocacy, Advocacy Chair, or Legislation Chair.