Act Now!

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Who’s an Advocate?  Surprise – You are!

It can take as little as a minute to make a difference.  A PTA advocate is anyone who cares about, and speaks or writes on behalf of, children and families, whenever necessary to promote their welfare.



Actions that take just a few minutes . . .

1.  Join PTA

Statewide, we are 800,000 members strong.  More voices means more power behind PTA advocacy efforts

If you don’t have children in school, join the Santa Clara Valley PTA.  We have more than 30 PTAs in Santa Clara County where more than 80% of the students qualify for free/reduced lunch.  Join the  Santa Clara Valley PTA to give these children much needed funds and a voice in Sacramento.  To learn more about the Santa Clara Valley PTA, click here  To join the Santa Clara Valley PTA, click here

2.  ”Just List It”

Does your PTA have a VP of Advocacy?  If not, request your PTA to  ”just list it” . . . on your school PTA website, in your school newsletter, and in PTA flyers and materials.  It takes just a few minutes to submit your request.

Some state PTA districts have not just one – but multiple –  PTA executive board advocates (for local, state and national issues) at their school and council PTAs.  The Advocacy VP/Legislation Chair informs your PTA on important issues impacting your  students, while bringing issues at your school or district to the attention of decision makers.

If you have a bit more time . . .

1.  Join the Sixth District PTA Advocacy team

As the VP of Advocacy or Legislation Chair at your school or PTA council, you will join your PTA executive board, and (a) inform your school on PTA advocacy, and (b) give your school a voice in PTA advocacy.  See a Job Description for the VP of Advocacy/Leg Chair here.  To learn how to add an advocacy position to your PTA, click here.

2.  Attend PTA Advocacy events

Join PTA advocates at these annual Sixth District and California state PTA advocacy events:

  • Sixth District PTA advocacy workshops, every Fall and Spring
  • Sixth District PTA annual Legislative Roundtable, every Fall, with our local legislators, legislative staff and PTA leaders
  • CA state PTA Legislation Conference in Sacramento, every January or February

3.  Meet with your representatives – on the school board and in the state Legislature