Stable Funding for CA Schools Now!


No More BakesalesBack when many of today’s parents were in school, California Schools were among the top five. Our schools had music ed, P.E., libraries, lab equipment, playgrounds, books, and a sufficient number of adequately paid teachers in the classroom. Now parents find themselves in an endless cycle of fund raising for basic educational needs. Ever since the state cut off education’s primary source of funding by enacting Prop 13, parents bear the burden of fund raising to make up the difference, or let their child go without the basic necessities of an education. Auctions, bake sales, weekend art, p.e. and language programs, and endless requests for checks overwhelm parents, draining their resources throughout the school year.

Enough is enough! No more bake sales to make up the huge shortfall in school funding.

For an explanation about how the passage of Prop 13 in 1978 caused the impoverishment and subsequent erosion of the California public school system, see First to Worst documentary.  To learn more about the unintended consequences of Prop. 13, read this article.

Now our schools rank in the bottom five  in funding, and our bottom funded schools perform near bottom in math, science and reading. Proposition 30 only managed to stop the bleeding.

Join PTA Advocacy in our campaign to bring our schools up to the highest level again. We will not be satisfied with average. Our goal, First among the Fifty States. Join your Sixth District Advocacy Team in our quest to repair the damage and bring all California schools back to the top where they belong. With your help, we can do it.

To learn more, view our slide presentation, “Restoring Excellence to CA Schools.”