Restoring Excellence to CA Schools

California dropped to 46th in per-student spending (cost of living adjusted) and our underfunded schools perform near bottom in math, reading and science.


The Proposition 30 funds (sales tax) expire in 2016 and the income taxes expire in 2018.  NOW is the time to restore the long-term stable funding California schools enjoyed a generation ago, when California schools were top funded and performing in the top five.

There is a proven model to restore public schools to excellence, followed successfully in other states and countries.  View the slideshow presentation, “Restoring Excellence to CA Schools,” created and presented by  Nancy Krop, Sixth District PTA Director of Legislation, at the Sixth District PTA 2014 Legislative Round Table.

You can also watch this video .  Nancy Krop, Sixth District PTA Director of Legislation, discusses our school funding crisis at the November 2013 Legislative Roundtable.