Spring 2015 Advocacy Training

Advocacy Training is for ALL PTA members

The Sixth District PTA Advocacy Training is open to ALL PTA members.  Why?  Who’s an advocate?  Surprise – you are!  Anyone who speaks up or writes on behalf of our children is an advocate.  Whether you are a PTA president, vice president, or filling some other role, here’s your opportunity to increase the effectiveness of your advocacy on behalf of your children and our students.

Highlights of the Spring Advocacy Spring Training:

  • The Keys to Successful Advocacy
  • Campaigning “Do’s and Don’ts”
  • Local versus State PTA Advocacy
  • Advocacy on School Grounds
  • PTA’s proud history of successful advocacy
  • Networking with PTA advocates throughout the Sixth District PTA

CA School Funding

The advocacy training will also include a CA school funding presentation:

  • Our current school funding situation (we rank  46th in per-student funding)
  • Our school funding formula (LCFF) reviewed and explained
  • CA school funding historical perspective – How did we go from first to near worst?
  • School funding options being debated for the November 2016 election

Save the Date

Saturday May 16.  The two advocacy sessions will be offered in the morning and after lunch, so you can chose the time that works best for you.