Visiting Your Legislator

Personal visits are among the most effective ways to communicate with legislators.  To maximize the effectiveness of your visit, state PTA recommends:

  1. Make an appointment with legislators from your district.
  2. Draft an agenda:  This should include opening, introductions and order of PTA issues to be discussed.
  3. Be prepared.  One purpose of the visit it to educate the legislator or staff about PTA’s positions.  Be open to questions.  If you do not know the answer, explain you will do additional research and get back to them.  Personalize the issues when possible by telling YOUR story – how the issues impace your children and your schools.
  4. Relationship:  One goal of the visit is to begin to develop a positive relationship with the legislator.  Communication should be a continuing exchange.  A solid relationship with elected representatives and their staff is an important step to building credibility and power for the PTA at all levels.  Follow up with a brief written overview of your points and a thank you.
  5. Arrive on time and be aware of the time allotted for the visit.
  6. Consider assigning PTA members the following tasks for your visit:
  • Team Leader – Keeps the visit moving forward and focused on the PTA issues you agreed to discuss.
  • Opener – Thanks the member for the meeting, states the group is from his or her assembly/senate district and you wish to discuss issues important to PTA and your community.  Initiates introductions of PTA members.
  • Recorder – Takes notes of the visit.  Include the legislator’s answers to questions about stances on PTA issues and any questions the legislator may ask.
  • Summarizer – Gives the legislator any leave-behind material and summarizes the issues discussed in the visit.  Thanks the legislator/staff member for their time and consideration of the issues.