Annual Legislative Roundtable

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Thank you for Joining Us!

A huge thank you to California Senator Jim Beall and Assemblymember Rich Gordon, and the staff of U.S. Representative Mike Honda, California Senator Jerry Hill and California Assemblymember Paul Fong for participating in our  annual Legislative Roundtable, ”Restoring Excellence to California Schools.”


After a School Funding Presentation by Nancy Krop, the Sixth District PTA Director of Legislation, the legislators and PTA leaders discussed restoring our schools from their current 49th ranking in funding and bottom performing level, back to the top schools California enjoyed in the 1950s through 1970s.One key topic discussed was voter education that Proposition 30 did not “fix” our woefully inadequate school funding levels – we still rank 49th in per pupil spending.


How to restore the stable funding our schools enjoyed when they were the top schools in the nation was a significant topic of discussion, including but not limited to returning the lost commercial property tax revenues removed by Proposition 13, and resulting shift in property tax burden from commercial property owners to residential owners.For example, while IBM pays $200 a year per acre, homeowners in the area pay $60,000 per year (median home price).  While Facebook in Palo Alto pays $1300 per acre per year, Palo Alto homeowners pay $135,000 per acre per year (median home price).Please Sign Our Petition to restore stable funding for our schools .