School Funding Lawsuit

Capital on WhiteIn spite of many years of effort by PTAs, CA schools remain
least funded and lowest performing

$20 billion . . . would raise CA to national average per student spending.  But “national average” spending is not enough for California to meet the student population challenges unique to California:

* 50% of California students are low-income, and

* 40% of California students are English Learners

$30 billion … would return CA to top performing

Because the legislature has not made a successful effort to repair the CA school system, PTA joined a funding adequacy lawsuit to establish a school funding system to meet the needs of all students (2010)(pending on appeal; decision expected within a year)

Similar funding lawsuits in other states turned those states around from bottom funded and bottom performing to the top.  New Jersey, for example, went from bottom five to top five in ten years.  Please read “The Flat World and Education” by Stanford professor and education expert, Linda Darling-Hammond, about the successes in other states, and steps California can take also go from worst to first.

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