PTA School Funding Advocacy

UnknownPTA: School Funding Advocacy

For years, has advocated to return California to a top funded, top performing, education state.  PTA was a leader in these measures to increase school funding in California:

  • Proposition 98:  Guarantees California education a minimum 40% of the state budget (1988)
  • School Bonds:  Empowers local communities to raise funds for schools by lowering the Proposition 13 2/3 voter threshold for raising revenues to 55% for school bonds (2000)
  • School funding lawsuit:  PTA joined a funding adequacy lawsuit, as a plaintiff, to establish a school funding system to meet the needs of all students (2010)(pending on appeal).  Similar lawsuits were the vehicle returning other states from bottom funded and bottom performing back to the top, including New Jersey’s dramatic 10-year turn around.

PTA Current School Funding Advocacy

“Close the Loophole”:  Assembly Bill 188 (Ammiano) changing the definition of a commercial property “change of ownership.”  Under current law, a change of commercial property ownership does not occur unless over 50% of a property is purchased by a single owner.  If three purchasers buy 100% of the a property, no change of ownership occurs.  California is losing billions of dollars annually because of this loophole.

Examples of sales where the commercial property was not reassessed as a sale because of this loophole in the law:  CVS bought Longs (2008); Wells Fargo bought Wachovia (2008); Blackstone Group bought Hilton Hotels (2007); Albertsons bought Save Mar (2006); 4 affiliates bought Toys “R” Us and Babies “R” Us (2005)

Lowering the 2/3 voter threshold to a simple majority.  Just as a simple majority is now needed to pass school bonds for school facilities, PTA supports lowering the 2/3 voter threshold so local communities can raise the funds to fill those school facilities with quality teachers, technology, school supplies and to restore great curriculum cut from our schools since 1978.

Join PTA so PTA can continue to advocate for top schools for all children.