Restoring Excellence to CA Schools

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After Proposition 30, and with our new school funding formula (the Local Control Funding Formula “LCFF”), California public schools rank near bottom in per student funding (cost of living adjusted) and academic performance ( math, science and reading).

Proven Model to Restore CA Schools to the Top

There is a proven model, followed in other states and countries, to restore excellence to public schools.  It’s a two-part model of (1) increased revenue, (2) spent effectively.  To learn more, view “Restoring Excellence to CA Schools,” the Nov. 2014 slide presentation at the Sixth District PTA Legislative Roundtable.

Per-Student Spending:

  • $14,000 – $19,000  - top performing education states
  • $12,000                       – national average
  • $8,700                          - CA

Equity but not Adequacy

LCFF addressed equity, but not adequacy of funding.  While money alone is not the answer, every study agrees California cannot continue to so severely underfund its schools.

Revenue shift from education to incarceration

Since we passed Prop. 13 in 1978 (decimating school funding), California has built 19 prisons and 1 university.  For the first time in California history, incarceration spending is greater than higher education spending.  California has drastically cut education spending since 1980, while  trebling its incarceration spending.

One-half of our prison inmates are high school drop-outs, costing us $62,500 a year.

57% of our K-12 students are growing up in poverty.  If we don’t spend to educate these children, and ALL of our children, we will warehouse them in prisons as adults instead of creating productive workers, job creators and purchasing consumers.

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