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State PTA Legislation Conference: Speak Out, Speak Up!

Thanks! A huge thank you to the councils and units participating in the two-day 2014 Legislation Conference in Sacramento!  Twelve fantastic Sixth District PTA representatives joined a couple hundred other advocates at the 2014 Conference.We encourage all councils and units to add the Legislation Conference as a line-item expense in your annual PTA budget. Strong […]


PTA School Funding Advocacy

PTA: School Funding Advocacy For years, has advocated to return California to a top funded, top performing, education state.  PTA was a leader in these measures to increase school funding in California: Proposition 98:  Guarantees California education a minimum 40% of the state budget (1988) School Bonds:  Empowers local communities to raise funds for schools […]


Restoring Excellence to CA Schools

CA Ranks Near Bottom After Proposition 30, and with our new school funding formula (the Local Control Funding Formula “LCFF”), California public schools rank near bottom in per student funding (cost of living adjusted) and academic performance ( math, science and reading). Proven Model to Restore CA Schools to the Top There is a proven model, […]

Can We Fully Fund Our Schools Again? Yes We Can!

$20 billion . . . would raise CA to national average spending per pupil.  But “average spending” is insufficient to educate California’s students.  Other states do not have half of their K-12 students growing up in poverty (a family of four with an income of $40,000 or less) and 40% English language learners. PTA School […]


How Current Tax Laws Impact School Funding

In 1978, voters approved Proposition 13, decimating our school funding.  The two major impacts on our schools due to Prop. 13: (1) Severe cuts to school funding, as counties’ property taxes dropped by one-half (taxes declined from $10.3 billion in 1977-78 to $5.5 billion in 1978-1979) and (2) A two-thirds vote required to raise revenues at the local or […]