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2015 Legislation Conference

California State PTA 2015 Legislation Conference About 200 CA PTA advocates, including twelve from our Sixth District PTA, gathered in Sacramento February 9-10, 2015 to learn about, and discuss, the latest hot topics impacting California schools.  Highlights included: A “Hot Topics Panel,” featuring leading education advocates from ASCA, CSBA, CTA and PTA; Receiving the latest […]


Add Your Voice

Fight for Children – Join PTA! PTA is proud to lead the fight to provide all children the education and opportunities they need to succeed. Please join PTA – become a member – because: Funding education 49th in the U.S. threatens an entire generation of children and our state economy. Parents and families need access […]

Local v. State PTA Advocacy

When the California state PTA takes a position on an issue . . . Your PTA unit, council and the Sixth District may support or stay neutral on the state PTA position. Your PTA unit, council and the Sixth District may not oppose a state PTA position.  You have a right to your opinion, but […]

PTA School Funding Advocacy

PTA: School Funding Advocacy For years, has advocated to return California to a top funded, top performing, education state.  PTA was a leader in these measures to increase school funding in California: Proposition 98:  Guarantees California education a minimum 40% of the state budget (1988) School Bonds:  Empowers local communities to raise funds for schools […]

Oil Severance Tax: Facts and Myths

California is the only major oil producing state, of 22 states, and the only place in the world, without an oil severance tax. Texas reaps billions for its university system while California education is billions of dollars below national average per student spending.  Texas has an oil severance tax and no income tax.  In California, […]


Prop. 13 Nuts and Bolts

Before Prop. 13:  Fully funded, top performing schools Imagine a world with no PTA fundraising for basic classroom supplies and programs, no local parcel tax campaigns, and no education foundations. That was the world of K-12 education in California before the voters approved Proposition 13 in 1978. California public schools were fully funded and top […]



Restoring Excellence to CA Schools

CA Ranks Near Bottom After Proposition 30, and with our new school funding formula (the Local Control Funding Formula “LCFF”), California public schools rank near bottom in per student funding (cost of living adjusted) and academic performance ( math, science and reading). Proven Model to Restore CA Schools to the Top There is a proven model, […]