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Can We Fully Fund Our Schools Again? Yes We Can!

$20 billion . . . would raise CA to national average spending per pupil.  But “average spending” is insufficient to educate California’s students.  Other states do not have half of their K-12 students growing up in poverty (a family of four with an income of $40,000 or less) and 40% English language learners. PTA School […]

No More Bakesales for CA Schools – Restore California Schools Now!

Back when many of today’s parents were in school, California Schools were among the top five. Our schools had music ed, P.E., libraries, lab equipment, playgrounds, books, and a sufficient number of adequately paid teachers in the classroom. Now parents find themselves in an endless cycle of fund raising for basic educational needs when the […]

No More Bakesales

How Current Tax Laws Impact School Funding

In 1978, voters approved Proposition 13, decimating our school funding.  The two major impacts on our schools due to Prop. 13: (1) Severe cuts to school funding, as counties’ property taxes dropped by one-half (taxes declined from $10.3 billion in 1977-78 to $5.5 billion in 1978-1979) and (2) A two-thirds vote required to raise revenues at the local or […]

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PTA is Advocacy!

A Century of Action In 1897, the PTA formed as an advocacy organization, with the goal of improving the lives of children. From the very beginning, members worked hard to establish programs and call for legislation to improve our children’s lives. PTA advocates played a key role in the following: Child Labor Laws – getting children out […]

If You Signed, You Made a Difference

Thank you to all who signed our online school funding petition.  You made a difference! Spring 2014, Sixth District PTA started the online petition to increase school funding and invest additional funds in pre-school and educated, professional trained teachers. Great news!  In the 2014-15 approved education budget, the Legislature and Governor Brown increased per-student funding, […]

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